Driven by the desire to bring together the public around the compositions of Michel Petrucciani,  the "Looking-up project quartet" has been re-visiting and interpreting his repertory since 2013. 


“Our motivation is to share with the audience Michel Petrucciani music with our own arrangements and personal interpretation while preserving the essence and the melodic style of his music”.


CD out on July 2018

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CINEJAZZy - "The greatest movies song ever" (2017)





Movies themes are inspiring sources for Jazz music composition. With CINEJAZZy project, the looking-up quartet is proposing a modern Jazz reinterpretation of these popular songs.



“We have used similar deconstructing concept as Post modernist painters, preserving the melody as the base line for new arrangements, creative harmonies and playful rhythms that inspire Jazz improvisation and inventiveness”



CD released in October 2017

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CineJazzy - Lawrence d'Arabia!





Creation is a matter of roots and influences. In Jazz, this family bond isn't visible with the eyes and not always immediately with the ears.




The Looking-up quartet proposes contemporary Jazz compositions inspired by Michel Petrucciani lyrical and melodic style



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